Friday, October 31, 2008

A New Direction

"But Monsignor, it is beyond belief that His Grace should now seek terms with Prinz Friedrich, after the defenders of Festung Dolmen have put up so stout a defence, holding out until the entire Herzogerheer has been assembled, fully trained and even expanded larger than its size during Herzog Karl Moritz's command during the War of Spanish Succession!"

"Nonetheless, Erlaucht Kanzler, his orders are crystal-clear; and the contents of our commissions as negotiators for a peace conference leave no doubt as to our objectives: peace with Waldreck at nearly any cost to extricate Major Trimbach and his command from Festung Dolmen, permitting the entire Herzogerheer to march at once to the aid of Feldmarschallieutenant von Blei-Sammeln."

"At least Herzog Kristian's mediation and sponsorship of the talks gives the impression that we have Pfalz-Zwieback behind us in the negotiations, and Gallia behind him; does your intelligence give any sense of von Waldreck's terms?"

"My sources inform me that he has been singularly involved with the old Fugger estates to the north of Dolmen, leaving the siege operations at Festung Dolmen to subordinates. It is reasonable to think his terms will include cession of the entire exclave, rather than the mere demilitarisation of the fortress which will be our opening offer. His Grace has already approved the cession if it will buy the peace necessary to aid the Imperium."

"That will be a bitter pill indeed for the Landestände to swallow."

"Nonetheless, if the Imperium were to note our failure to make a contribution to the Reichsarmee, it is certain that we should not long avoid the predations of our larger neighbours without influence and respect in Vienna. Therefore almost any sacrifice is required to be able to aid the Imperium at this critical juncture."


Martin said...

Hummm....Wheels within wheels, and nobody gets it for free. The plot(s) thicken!

Markgraaf of Raubenstadt

ColCampbell50 said...

Yes, the plot does thicken for the Texas Big Battalions game!


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