Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fourier Transformations

Stalking out of the staff meeting, Prinz von Rebholz vented his frustration to his adjutant, Hauptmann Strauss. "Logistics this, logistics that, and yet not one word about the object of our campaign! Chiaroscuro brings news of a Germanian advance on Frankfurt, but we are NOT to pursue discussions with the Frankfurters OR the Gallians to obtain access to Gallian magazines!"

"We have word my lord," replied the harried fourier, "that the ammunition caissons requisitioned for the march from Herren Alter und Ruhm are nearly complete; the demonstration models have been couriered to my desk here."

"Hm, yes. Aren't the colours a bit flat?"

"I've merely blocked the models with an ochre wash to match the Herzogliche paint scheme, and inked the horses to reveal detail. Monsignor de Chiaroscuro has asked to be permitted to add some additional colouring and highlighting before the models are transferred to His Grace's campaign equipment. For my own part, I've added a little detail to mark the ammunition capacity of the caissons and guns using birdshot, 8 gauge for the three and six pounders, and 5 gauge for the 12-pounders and howitzers."

"His Grace will no doubt be pleased with your diligence; do carry on and alert me immediately as soon as any word is heard from the artillery foundry in Dayton as to their estimated delivery date."


ColCampbell50 said...

Very nice supply wagons. What manufactory are they?


Herzog Ignaz said...

Herren Alter und Ruhm are better known to most English-speaking commanders as Old Glory, Inc. The caissons are from their "25mm Historical Napoleonic Austrians."

Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, thanks for the information. The same question had occurred to me.

-- Jeff