Monday, July 28, 2008

The Fog of War

NIEDERSOHREN, Aug. 16--Braun's Wachtmeister, Ernst Kathol, had scarcely had time to bellow the orders to advance after his Rittmeister before the collapse of the officer's mount threw all into confusion. Riding up to Braun's aid, the bulk of Braun's squadron followed at a trot, but slowed to a walk as Kathol dismounted to attempt to succour his commander.

Uncertain as to the Rittmeister's condition, Kathol shouted for the squadron to form line before their stricken commander. The Waldrecker dragoons, having dispatched the last remnants of resistance from von Fischbach's squadron and seeing the movement of Braun's squadron towards them had begun to reform into line of attack to meet the expected Obersaynisch charge.

Half a furlong behind them, the stricken Braun, still gathering his breath and wits, could see von Dornfeld's infantry regiment finishing its deployment into line from column of march. His Wachtmeister glanced back, and then forward, where the Waldrecker supply wagons could be seen rolling down the road toward Kirchschloß. Seeing the muddled Waldrecker reformation underway between the Kürassieren and the wagons, Kathol sensed an opportunity.

"Squadron will make ready firelocks!"

The Waldrecker dragoons continued to sort themselves back into their two-rank formation. In the stress of battle, though the two ranks were forming improperly close, almost muzzle to hindquarters, in the din of melee.

The men primed their carbines and cast them about and began loading. The Waldrecker dragoon officers saw the threat before them and began to scream their orders to fall in along with their bugler's call.


The Obersaynisch Kürassiere remounted their ramrods and 100 firelocks were raised toward the Waldreckers.


The carbines of the Obersaynisch trotters bellowed fiery smoke and lead towards the bunched Waldrecker dragoons. The volley fell on the Waldreckers like a poleaxe. Horses reared and screamed; men falling and cursing. What had been nearly an intact squadron of moderately disorganised dragoons was now a mob of writhing men and horseflesh.

"Squadron will advance!"

The Waldrecker dragoons disintegrated at the first forward movement of Braun's squadron.


Capt Bill said...

I really like the mounted firing Figure. What is the scale and manufacturer? Best regards...Bill

Herzog Ignaz said...

The Waldrecker Dragoons are being played by RSM95 25mm AWI "British mounted dragoons firing," model AR-BMDF, now sold by the Dayton Painting Consortium(

Stokes Schwartz said...

Great photos! Especially the man's-eye-view photo over the shoulder of your troops receiving fire. Nicely done!

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