Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Von Kostenwand Dragoner

KOGNAT, Aug. 16--The 2nd Dragoner of the Herzogerheer, the von Kostenwand Regiment, is commanded day-to-day by the mercurial Oberst Bruno Freiherr von Scheurebe. With an established strength of approximately 750 men, the regiment has since the start of von Scheurebe's command lagged considerably understrength, as both the Inhaber and the Oberst have demonstrated a marked reluctance to press appropriations for the regiment to maintain sufficient remounts for the complete establishment.

Garrisoned during peacetime along the Kernerfluss outside Kognat, the regiment benefits from the plentiful fodder available from local hayfields long accustomed to provisioning the stud farms of the Bishops of Kognat. The local surplus, though, is viewed by the Inhaber mostly as an opportunity to obtain adequate fodder at bargain rates, rather than as an opportunity to feed and exercise the horses of the regiment more fully.

The uniform of the regiment was redesigned to its current green justaucorps upon von Kostenwand's nomination as Inhaber to take advantage of a bulk-order discount negotiated by Hoffaktor Wei├čenheimer for uniforms for both the von Kostenwand and von Schirnhausen regiments, with the turnbacks and linings, acquired after hard bargaining for seconds from the provisioner of the von Bacharach regiment, a paler shade of blue than seen in the infantry due to the poorer dye fixation of the discounted seconds.


abdul666 said...

A very good-looking uniform and an in-depth 'worked-out' backgound, down to the justification of the lighter blue!
Looking forward for more....

Fitz-Badger said...

very colorful and distinctive! :-)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, I like the uniform . . . but I'm enjoying the background "fluff" even more.

Please give us more.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hey, I really like your uniform colors there. Really eye catching!

best Regards,