Sunday, February 24, 2008

Von Dornfeld Casts the Dice

NIEDERSOHREN, Aug. 16--By 9:00 a.m. the fog had dispersed, as von Dornfeld had predicted. Von Fischbach sent riders back to the main body to report the sighting of the Waldrecker supply column, just now departing Niedersohren, and the presence of four companies of Waldrecker, a squadron of dragoons and a company of hussars--as had been expected--and an unwelcome surprise: a battery of battalion guns, unlimbered and bearing down on the crossroads just outside of town.

"They clearly were tipped to our presence, although we had no contacts all morning," von Fischbach wrote in his hastily scribbled report. "The Waldrecker foot have positioned themselves behind a stand of trees, just to the left of the road--ready to mask the guns if we advance too precipitately, but sheltered themselves from any guns we might have brought along. The light horse are currently covering the bridge over the Rohrbach, but are capable of a swift advance down the Hohenstra├če if our approach is discovered too soon.

Von Dornfeld weighed the intelligence a moment, and then ordered the courier to return to von Fischbach. "Tell him we attack immediately. He is to bring both squadrons of his command down the road towards Niedersohren and form line just outside artillery range. We will be right behind, and he will cover our formation into line directly behind him. Once in line the K├╝rassiere are to engage and destroy the Waldrecker light horse and then secure the convoy. We will advance to engage the Waldrecker foot and hold the crossroads until the wagons are turned about, and then we will fall back with the captured wagons. Hang the Waldrecker guns; the die is cast."

NEXT: The Dragoner Attack!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Aha! And now battle will be joined.

I'm looking forward to your experience given the small forces involved.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

'Minor' encounters can make great games - and be heavy with consequences at campaign level.
Looking forward to the unfolding of the events.

P.S.: enjoyed to discover new units not yet fully described in your posts: maybe their 'unit profiles' are to come? Thanks for sharing!

Fitz-Badger said...

I'm intrigued :-)
The terrain and minis look very good.

tidders said...

A nice little skirmish. Nice terrain and figs.

-- Allan

MurdocK said...

those dragoon must have a LARGE open area to cover...before they can attack!