Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Waldrecker Third Parallel Completed

DOLMEN Aug. 29--As the siege guns pounded away at the beleaguered Schloß Dolmen, the Waldrecker engineers continued the approach of their works to the Dolmen counterscarp this week, completing the third parallel facing the northwest demilune. The emplacement of Coehoorn mortars proceeded in conjunction with the progress of the entrenchments, raining down shells on Bastions Gertrude and Magdalene as well. The progress of the Waldrecker engineers, although temporarily slowed by the daring raid last week by the Dolmen defenders, has resumed almost to the initial speed of the first parallel, indicating that the loss of skilled engineers in Maj. Trimbach's detonation of the Waldreck mining gallery was less than the Dolmen defenders had originally hoped.

With the completion of the third parallel and the steady work of the short-range mortars, an assault on the covered way and other outer defence works is expected at any time. Whether Maj. Trimbach is able to prolong the defence of Schloß Dolmen past the initial assault, or whether he will yield the fortress to prevent further bloodshed remains to be seen.


MurdocK said...

Any reports yet about the condition of the fortress?

Have the seige batteries produced a breach yet?

John Chisholm said...

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Betts-Davittovich said...

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