Monday, August 13, 2007

Waldrecker First Parallel of Festung Dolmen Completed

Working steadily despite the occasionally thunderstorms over the past week, the engineers of Prince Friedrich von Waldreck today completed the first parallel earthworks against the besieged Festung Dolmen. Siting of the gun batteries began under cover of night last night, with the manhandling of three 24-pound siege guns into the first battery overlooking Bastion Gertrude, the northwest-facing bastion of the fortress. Four other breaching batteries have been excavated, facing the northwestern demilune, and the northern-facing Bastion Magdalene, respectively in enfilading pairs, and it is presumed that siege guns will be similarly situated in those batteries, each approximately 900 yards from the opposing bastion, in the coming nights.

From within the fortress, however, no word has been heard since Maj. Trimbach's initial refusal of surrender upon the completion of the lines of circumvallation.

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