Monday, August 6, 2007

Siege of Festung Dolmen Commences

Reports from Dolmen continue to trickle out despite the imposition of martial law and establishment of checkpoints all along the frontier.

By impressing hundreds of able-bodied men from across the Lordship into service, Prince Friedrich von Waldreck has established the initial lines of circumvallation about Festung Dolmen, defended by approximately 300 men of the vom und zum Riesling regiment. It is expected that work on the first parallel will now follow.

Major Trimbach, commanding the defence, has refused the initial demand for surrender from the Waldrecker forces, relying upon the promise of relief from the balance of Herzog Ignaz's forces, now mostly detached from the pacification of Hunsruck, and mustering on the edge of the Hochwald forest which forms much of the border between Waldreck and Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn. Major Trimbach, before the encirclement of Dolmen was complete, also assumed personal command of the Dolmen Stadtwache, and was able to bring an undetermined number of the city guardsmen into the citadel to man the bastions.

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