Friday, August 3, 2007

A Sad Tally

As order is restored to the streets of Hunsruck, the costs of the late riot are beginning to be quantified. Of the 6 major districts of the city, the overwhelming majority of the physical damage was confined to the working-class Glazierquartier and Kernerhausen neighbourhoods, with the worst looting and arson occuring in the rundown alleyways of the especially blighted parts of the Kernerhausen district just off the waterfront known to locals as the Warrens.

The more burgerliche neighbourhoods of the Bogenviertel and Skt. C├Ącilien experienced significant vandalism and scattered looting, but most fires were quickly contained by the guild fire brigades.

The Weinenau district suffered significant damage around the Kanzlerplatz, where rioters engaged in hand-to-hand combat with grenadiers of the von Bacharach and von Bernkastel regiments for possession of the Ducal chancery building, and the old Rathaus across the square.

In the Altstadt and Herzogpark districts closest to the ducal residence, looting was almost nonexistent, kept at bay by the proximity of the palace guard and the vigilance of the footmen of the many noble houses in those neighbourhoods. The only disorder reported to date in those districts was a brawl in the Englischer Kaffeehaus and the brazen looting of the house of the late Kapellmeister Volker, both on the first full day of the riots on Saturday.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm very much impressed with the design and detail you've put into your capitol . . . heck, I've barely even thought of a name for mine.

It is refreshing to read your blog. Thank you.

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