Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Prinzessin Sophie-Vittoria's Debut Imperiled

With the final fitting of the ballgown for tomorrow night's debut scheduled for this afternoon, and still no word as to the fate of M. Chretien de Tiretaine, Couturier to the Ducal Household, Prinzessin Sophie-Vittoria has begun to despair of achieving a proper silhouette for the event.

"It's a massive conspiracy!" the Prinzessin was heard to wail. "That Saxon cow--Trixie whatshername--she's trying to keep me from having the perfect debut! Or that frumpy Baltic princess--or one of those French poodles! It's not faaaaaaaaiiiir!"

While the attitude of the various Saxon, Baltic or French courts to the cut, fit or fall of the Prinzessin's gown could not be ascertained, enquiries into the fate of M. de Tiretaine and the rest of the party of the Duke of Cornwall, to which M. de Tiretaine was dispatched on the orders of Duke Ignaz, are ongoing. The Duke of Cornwall's party was last heard from off the coast of Scotland, before storms scattered the Duke's flotilla with, it is feared, signficant loss of life.

If, as seems likely, no word is received prior to tomorrow night's ball, the final alterations will need to be made by local tailors, most of whom have been until very recently completely backed up with final alterations to the new infantry uniforms bespoken by the Duke last month.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I hesitate to say it, but I fear that Stagonian agents may well have had a hand in the unfortunate absence of M. Chretien de Tiretaine.

Koenig Maurice the Vile delights in causing people pain and embarrassment.

Nevertheless, we in Saxe-Bearstein are confident that the Prinzessin will be beautiful no matter how elegant or plain her attire might be.

Indeed, it has often been noted that "fashion" is often intended to pull the viewer's attention away from the wearer of such garments so that the viewer fails to notice the lack of beauty in the wearer.

-- Count Wilhelm von Hoptz
Envoy from Saxe-Bearstein