Friday, August 10, 2007

Duke Announces Reconstruction Aid for Hunsruck

His Grace's ministers today announced a series of initiatives to speed the reconstruction of Hunsruck. Chancellor Gottfried Graf von Schirnhausen, chairing an historic meeting with the leaders of the winemerchants', glassblowers', metalworkers', construction and goldsmiths' guilds, announced the reconstruction platform dedicated to the reconstruction of the strife-wracked neighbourhoods of Hunsruck before a gathering outside the old Rathaus.

The guild leaders in attendance will form a Committee on Reconstruction and Improvement tasked by His Grace with recommending to His Grace reconstruction and improvement projects for the city and the revenue measures to finance them, submitting these recommendations to the Chancellor for review and approval by His Grace.

Additionally, to aid in the reconstruction, Chancellor von Schirnhausen announced that the participating guildmasters would be compensated for their efforts by a temporary reduction in taxes on participating guilds, lowering the ordinary levy from 1 pfalztaler per journeyman enrolled in the corporation to 65 kreuzer per journeyman.

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