Monday, July 16, 2007

Waldreck Firm, Ambassador, Protest Arms Contract

The award of the contract for the modernisation of His Grace's artillery train to Herren Revell & Revell of Bünde announced today by the Ministry of War was vehemently protested by the ambassador from the Principality of Waldreck and the Waldreck munitions firm of Krantz Stahlwerke. Krantz Stahlwerke seeks the complete review of Revell and Krantz's bids by Schatzmeister-Kammerer Ernst Graf von Kostenwand. Testing on the Revell models--pictured left--has been suspended pending resolution of the appeal.

Herr Bertel Stechung, Krantz Stahlwerke's representative in Hunsruck, publicly challenged Revell's representatives to an open demonstration of the competing products, declaring the Krantz 4- and 6-pound Kartoffelgewehren, derived from their well-known agricultural implement designs, clearly superiour on performance, cost of maintenance, and transportability to the 3- and 6- pounder system offered by Revell. Representatives from Revell declined comment on the challenge, pending the outcome of the appeal.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

The Principality of Saxe-Bearstein is very interested in the results of these trials.

It is Furst Bruno's hope that you will consent to share the results of this study since he is also considering some new artillery.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein
for Furst Bruno von Ursa