Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Subversive Drama Suppressed

The presentation of the latest drama by Lessing at the Hunsrucker Opera House, scheduled to open this Friday, has been suppressed due to subversive editing by unknown parties of the text previously approved by the Chief Censor, Hermann Blaustift of the Ministry of Posts. All copies of the edited script, bearing the printer's marks of the Waldreck publishing house of Herren Sturm und Drang, have been confiscated from the cast, the Opera House staff, and the local booksellers registered to trade in scripts and pamphlets and will be burned at the Spandowerplatz in front of the Opera House on Friday at the time originally scheduled for the play's debut.


Bluebear Jeff said...

So now, of course, we all want to know what was offensive about the edited text.

-- Jeff

Herzog Ignaz said...

The play was to have been Lessing's Miss Sara Sampson, but stage directions and dialogue were edited to make the play a thinly-veiled criticism of Duke Ignaz's rule of the Lordship of Dolmen, through clear allusions to Duke Ignaz in the character of the wavering and weak Mellefont, to the Dowager Duchess Vittoria in Mrs. Marwood, the murderous villainess of the piece, and to Prince Friedrich von Waldreck as the noble father figure, Colonel Sampson.

Of course, we rely on your discretion, and indeed that of all Christian princes, to keep such scurrilous libel from resurfacing in the theatres of your own realms.

Fitz-Badger said...

Oh, and here Eric von Eidel of Hesse-Offenbach, Master of the Graf's Revels (how do you address a graf? Excellency? Grace? or?), was hoping to make a musical out of the play, with lots of dancing girls!

Bluebear Jeff said...

It is reliably rumored that the PfalzGraph of Stagonia is offering a reward of 50 golden gilders for a copy of the edited version of the play.

(he's really vile, you know)