Monday, July 30, 2007

Sifting through the Rubble

Three days have now passed since the arrival of the new Herzoger artillery regiment, and two days since the fateful order, given by the Duke himself, to "clear the rabble from every back alley and close of the city," yet the accounts of events leading up to the Great Riot remain as conflicted and confused as the event itself. While the grapeshot of the artillery and resolute advance of the von Bernkastel and von Bacharach grenadiers swiftly cleared away the barricades which the rioters had erected about the perimeter of the Warrens and the Glazierquartier, and broke the back of the main body of rioters, the city remains under curfew and scattered incidents of violent resistance to the Duke's men are still reported.

While the bodies of rioters swing in mute testimony to the predominant restoration of order from each piling of the Kernerfluss Bridge, piecing together the exact trajectory of the events which led to those executions remains difficult. Chancellor Schirnhausen has ordered a special Chamber of Inquiry with summary powers to investigate and root out the malcontents responsible for the late conflagration, but as of press time the identities of the ultimately responsible parties are still being determined. It is alleged by captured participants that the initial riot in the Spandowerplatz was in fact orchestrated by a cabal of journeymen working through the craft guilds, who seized upon the suppression of the scurrilous version of Miss Sara Sampson as a pretext to strike out at unpopular leaders of the guilds and force the restoration of the city's self-rule under their own unprincipled leadership.

The masters of the major craft guilds have in fact been most cooperative in dispatching of the ringleaders of the uprising, identifying the troublemakers associated with their organisations, and assisting the provost-marshals in the apprehension and interrogation of suspects. While the city remains under martial law, with the assistance of the guildmasters it is expected that most of the insurrectionists will be ferreted out of their suspected lairs along the waterfront in short order.


tradgardmastare said...

Most interesting indeed!We in Tradgardland have powerful and influencal Guilds too. They can be a blessing or indded a curse at times.I look forward to hearing more about your use of the Queen of Battles - Gunpowder
Otto Sperkler
Secretary to the Fireworkmakers Guild

Stagonian Jeff said...

After reading an account of these events (and the reaction of the crown), Koenig Maurice smiled and was heard to mutter something like . . .

"I love it when a plan comes together."