Monday, July 23, 2007

Prinz von Waldreck Protests Spread of Unrest

A visibly disturbed Prinz von Waldreck, addressing the gathering of notables come to pay condolences, angrily denounced the failure of Duke Ignaz von Pfaltz-Kognat-Obersayn to arrest the spread of the civil disturbances which have wracked the duchy for the last three days to which unrest the Prinz attributed the mysterious shooting death of his trusted adjutant and nephew, Graf Götz von Sickingen, whose badly mangled body was discovered outside the gates to Schloß Bruttig, dragged there by his stirrup by his prized charger, Concorde. The body of the Graf, upon examination, was found to have been shot twice, once in the shoulder, and once in the thigh. Mercifully, it is believed, the Graf likely bled to death and sustained the subsequent disfiguring injuries post-mortem in being dragged several miles back to Schloß Bruttig by his horse.

The Prinz, in addition to offering a reward of 500 pfalzthalers for the apprehension of the responsible party, has also ordered his troops onto their highest state of alert, cancelling all leaves and recalling all military personnel from their peacetime dispositions.


tidders said...

To his Grace Herzog Ignaz

It is a shame that your country is afflicted with unrest in these troubled times. We hope that your are able to restore order.

Best wishes for the future of your country

Count Herman Munster,
On behalf of his Majesty Leopold IV King of Wittenberg

Herzog Ignaz said...

To his Majesty, Leopold IV,

His grace expresses his gratitude for his majesty's kind recollection of and warm wishes of humble person, and assures his majesty of the imminent restoration of order and punishment of those disruptive elements responsible for the current lamentable unpleasantness.

Gottfreid Graf von Schirnhausen,
Chancellor to His Grace Herzog Ignaz

Stagonian Jeff said...

Despite what rantings you might hear from certain quarters, let me assure you that Stagonia had nothing to do with the sad demise of Graf Götz von Sickingen.

-- Stagonian Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...

It is our belief that a Stagonian agent was almost certainly at least indirectly responsible for this despicable murder.

They are infamous for leaving vile messages that cause considerable mischief.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein