Wednesday, July 11, 2007

His Grace Presides at Mill Dedication

Mochem--Herzog Ignaz von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn today presided at the dedication ceremonies for the new millworks along the lower Kernerfluss, the first in a series of industrial improvements planned by his grace's ministers for the improvement of the commerce and trade in the duchy. The new mill, designed to process over 20 wagonloads of tobacco a day, will place the duchy securely in the front-rank of snuff producing principalities within the Empire and secure the duke's position as one of the foremost patrons of advanced engineering in the Rheinland.

The mill, a two-wheel combined overshot-undershot system powered by a 20 foot head created by the earthenwork dam constructed across the Kernerfluss, was constructed at a cost of over 650,000 pfalzthalers, including the dam, and represents the first concrete achievement by the duke's Technical Counselor, Werner von Traun, recruited successfully from his service in the imperial court as special advisor to the Hofrat on Mines and Mining. Counselor von Traun, speaking at the dedication, was generous in the credit he shared with the French engineering team hosted earlier in the year by his grace the duke on their passage through the Palatinate on their way to Vienna.

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